Nepal: The NRL Technicians Workshop

Nepal: The NRL Technicians Workshop

We have just held our first workshop for the Nepal Red Data Lists projects – this was specifically aimed at field staff and technicians. The workshop was held at NTNC Biodiversity Conservation Centre in Chitwan 30th-31st of January and covered a selected number of species that technicians would be aware of and are easily identifiable in the field.

This workshop was vital to fill in species information gaps, as many of the participants were in the field every day and have over 20-30 years of knowledge and experience that would go unrecorded. The workshop ran for the whole day on Saturday where participants were split into different working groups to work on selected species, however, these groups were rotated so that all participants had the opportunity to comment on all species. During the second half-day, morning presentations were given by group leaders to review the information collected and to give a final opportunity for comments. Then the species for which there is a lot of information for were reviewed as one large group. This included the tiger, leopard, snow leopard, river dolphin, blackbuck and wild water buffalo.

Attendees at the Nepal NRL technician's workshop

Everyone in the workshop worked extremely hard and we were able to collect a lot of information including more exact details of species distribution. It has also created a network of field staff and technicians who will participate in further Red Data Lists of Nepal projects. We would like to thank all participants for their efforts!

Sam Lee is a Project Assistant on Nepal’s National Biodiversity Databank and Red List of Mammals. She will be blogging regularly on the process, providing insights into the details of producing a National Red List