National Red List Network


The National Red List community network provides a directory of National and Regional Red Listing professionals from around the world.

Please visit the respective member’s page for more information on their work and to find contact details. If you are interested in joining the Network or the National Red List Alliance, please contact us.


National Red List Alliance

Jonathan Baillie (Global, Mongolia)

Monika Böhm (Global)

Noelle Kumpel (Global)

Keping Ma (China/Asia)

Gustavo Martinelli (Brazil/South America)

Tainan Messina (Brazil/South America)

Harriet Davies-Mostert (South Africa/Africa)

Caroline Pollock (Global)

Jon Paul Rodríguez (Global, Venezuela)

Katherine Secoy (Global)


The National Red List Network

Channa Bambaradeniya (Sri Lanka)

Henry Brown (Mongolia)

Andrew Byrne (Ireland)

Viola Clausnitzer (Global, Germany, Africa)

Ben Collen (Global)

Francis Cordillot (Switzerland)

Eliezer Frankenberg (Israel)

Ronald Fricke (Germany, Baltic Sea)

Ulf Gärdenfors (Sweden)

Janice Sarah Golding (South Africa, Southern Africa)

Janine Griffiths (Global)

Rod Hitchmough (New Zealand)

John Atle Kålås (Norway)

Florian Kirchner (France)

Blanca León (Peru, Andes-Amazon)

Rebecca Miller (Global, Venezuela)

Sanjay Molur (India, South Asia)

National Red List Team – Nepal (Nepal)

Ricardo Ojeda (Argentina)

Wojciech Solarz (Poland)

Tara Zamin (Global)