Andrew Byrne


Country/Region: Ireland

Organisation: National Biodiversity Data Centre and University College Cork

Position: PhD Researcher

Languages: English

Andrew has worked on two invertebrate regional red lists for the island of Ireland. He contributed to the publication, and the fieldwork underpinning, the all Ireland bee red list. He coordinated and populated a database of all available records of terrestrial and freshwater molluscs pertaining to Ireland and led the compilation of a red list for this group based on this database. Andrew is currently pursuing a PhD on modeling badger populations in Ireland.

Contact information:
[email protected]
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Relevant publications:

Fitzpatrick, U., T.E. Murray, A. Byrne, R.J. Paxton & M.J.F. Brown (2006). Regional red data list of IrishBees. Report to National Parks and Wildlife Service (Ireland) and Environment and Heritage Service (N. Ireland)

Byrne, A. , E. Moorkens, R. Anderson, J. Nunn, L. Lysaght & E. Regan (2009). The All-Ireland Non-Marine Molluscan Database – a digital repository and online resource for molluscan recording. Mollusc World, 19, 6-7.

Byrne, A. and Ú. Fitzpatrick (2009). BeeConservation Policy at the Global, Regional and National levels. Apidologie. 40, 194-210.

Byrne, A., Moorkens, E.A., Anderson, R., Killeen, I.J. & Regan, E.C. (2009) Ireland Red List No. 2 – Non-Marine Molluscs. National Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Dublin, Ireland.