Liste rouge des characées (Characeae) menacées en Suisse (Red List of threatened stoneworts (macroalgae) in Switzerland)

In 2011 the Red List of Characeae (Characeae) was the first list of macroalgae me-nacées published in Switzerland. Of the 25 species recorded to date on Swiss territory, 23 were categorized according to the criteria of the IUCN threat. As a result, four native species are considered extinct in Switzerland (RE), 4 the brink of extinction (CR), 6 Endangered (EN) and 6 vulnerable (VU). Thus, 87% of the representatives of this family macroalgal sufficient data are on the red list, with 17% missing in Switzerland (RE) and 70% listed in the categories “on the verge of extinction” (CR) “Vulnerable” (VU).  For the full report click here.