Preview at the World Conservation Congress

The National and Regional Red List website, created by the Zoological Society of London and Centro Internacional de Ecología Tropical, will be presented at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Barcelona, 5-14 October 2008. Whilst the site will not go live to the public until 2009, attendees of the conference will be able to catch a preview. The main features of the site will include a centralized database containing national and regional Red List assessments conducted worldwide, a library of associated Red List documents, and a discussion forum for the facilitation of communication regarding national and regional conservation assessment and planning.

This site marks the first effort to bring together the information and expertise of the national and regional Red Listing community and will certainly evolve as a resource with time. The Regional Red List Database version 1.0 contains over 60,000 species accounts from over 36 countries and regions. With time and increased global participation in this endeavor, the database will grow to be a comprehensive resource containing all national and regional Red List assessments conducted to date.

For further information, see IUCN World Conservation Congress.