The National Red List process


Carrying out the actual Red List assessments is only one of the steps involved in a successful National Red list project. A National or Regional Red List project requires good project planning, including consideration of costs and funding sources and a workplan providing a timeline of what is being achieved when and by whom. There also needs to be a clear vision of how the resulting data are stored and how the final Red List is presented and publicised.

These pages aim to give an overview of key considerations and best practices for National Red List development. These are by no means exhaustive or set in stone, as the processes described here may be adapted based on national or regional circumstances. If you would like to contribute experiences from your country or region, please contact us at [email protected].

The National Red List process should consider the following:

Project planning


Who to involve?

The assessment process

Red Listing

Species mapping

Data storage & data sharing

The final product