Case Studies


The National Red List process and its applications are best illustrated with case studies from around the world.

The National Red List process

The National Red List process can be very complex and involved. Here are a few case studies discussing the approach taken by different countries:

South Africa: Using the CAMP process to assess South African mammals

Venezuela: Adapting the process and increasing outreach

Mongolia: National Red Listing and conservation outcomes

Nepal: Developing the National Biodiversity Databank and the Red List of Mammals

National Red List Indices

National indices based on national assessments of extinction risk are available for an increasing number of countries. We will endeavour to list national or regional Red List Indices in our library, as and when they are published. In the meantime, find out about specific national RLIs here:

Australia: Adapting global biodiversity indicators to the national scale

Finland: Application of the national Red List Index for multiple species groups

British Columbia: Developing a Red List Index at the sub-national scale